How We Play

Run, Fun, Love and Treats, Oh How We Play!
English Acres is just like going to camp and making friends!

Dogs are extremely social animals and require lots of attention and exercise. English Acres can help improve their socialization skills with other dogs and people. We are a great option for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety or boredom, as we provide plenty of activities, and if your dog needs to lose weight or just stay in shape we can help.

We take hikes through the woods and streams, throw balls and frisbees, run and play with each of the dogs, provide tracking activities for those who are adept, run the dogs through the agility course, and just about anything you can think of that would entertain and exercise your dog. A tired dog is a happy dog.

If your pup is more content to just hang around in the house, we allow them to do that instead. Older dogs obviously don't need the agility course, so we pet or brush them, interact and make them feel special and at home with us.

Whatever you want for your best friend, whatever your dog wants to do, we can provide and do it with them.

A Day in the Life of a Dog at English Acres

The sun rises and the birds start chirping, the pets who are overnight guests are starting to wake up, each stretching their legs. After a little stretching and waking up ourselves, we begin letting them outside to do their business. We're in no rush, they can stay outside and take their time, sniff the grounds for deer or other critters who have visited during the night, run and play, or leisurely stroll about. When everyone is finished and exercised, we come in for breakfast. After breakfast the dogs lounge around the kitchen, living room, outdoor penned area, wherever they want to be. During our morning pick up and drop off times, new friends start arriving. A lot of tail wagging, "hey I remember you!" and "you're interesting." Throughout the day, various activities are planned for the dogs. Depending on who's staying with us and what their needs are, we may take them out for a hike, run through the agility course with them, get out the balls and frisbees, or just run with them through the woods. If no one is up for that, we let them just hang out with us while we clean, do paperwork, and then later, getting ready for the next pick up and drop off. Someone is here with them all day, keeping an eye on them and providing interaction and activities when they seem ready. At the end of the day, they are either picked up by their mom and dad, or they are fed dinner and bunk down for the night, awaiting another fun day at the resort. What are we going to do tomorrow?