$30.00 per day
Leave your pup with us for the day while you are at work. We'll give him exercise, toys, walks, interaction with staff and other canines, and more. No waiting around for you to come home for your dog. When you pick them up you'll find them happy and tired.
Mon - Sat   Drop off 7-9 am / Pick up 5-7 pm

Overnight Retreat
$40.00 per day. Not per 24 hours.
Leave your pet with us overnight or for many nights in a row while you are away. They will get the same attention that daycare visitors receive and will be able to slumber in our home wherever they like to sleep, as though they were our own. Any pet receiving oral or topical medications falls under medical boarding. See information below.
Mon - Sat   Drop off 7-9 am / Pick up 5-7 pm


Spa Paw-pedicures
Nail Trimming

Bathing Beauties
Call for pricing
Grooming with Hydro surge. Bath and Brush. There's something great about a clean, tired dog when you get back from work or an out of town trip. We can also help with seasonal shedding.

Full Grooming
Price varies per dog.
Call for pricing.

Medical Boarding
Prices varies with condition, determined by the amount and level of attention and care needed.
This unique specialty service, is wonderful for clients that have had major surgery and the dog must be under constant supervised care. Not all owners can take time off work to care for their pet as needed, putting them in a dilemma as to how they will be able to care for their loved one.

English Acres will work with your doctor and follow the discharge care sheet provided to you or us. We will rehab your pet in our private dwelling, for the time needed to recover, taking the stress off of you, so you can continue working and have peace of mind knowing your dog is recovering and cared for. We do a variety of levels and types of rehab: complete ACL tears, Gastric Dilatation (bloat), throat surgery, spinal surgery, accidents from vehicle, recovery from spay/neuter and animal attacks, among a few.

Rest at ease, knowing your beloved pet is living in a comfortable and safe home environment while recovering under the proper supervision and personal care that you want for them.

We offer 24 hour care from experienced owners able to handle any and all needs necessary.

Private Sesson
$65.00 per hour
One-on-one training. You and your dog will enjoy training on our luxurious grounds in private. No worries of other pets or patrons distracting your dog from training. Group or public environments are not for everyone, so if you prefer complete 100% attention and training, we provide it.

Add-on Private Training during Retreat or Daycare Stays
$20 per half hour additional

Semi-Private Sessions
$30 per hour per dog
This service is for those who have more than one dog, or have friends or families who would like to take advantage of training together. We do not arrange sessions for multiple dogs except at your request.

Shuttle Service
Transportation of your Dog
$10.00 each trip*
Take advantage of even more peace of mind by choosing our shuttle service. We'll take all of the work off of you by picking up your pet, dropping them off or both.

We can also transport our guests to veterinary appointments during their stay with us.

* Cranberry Township rates. Rates for trips outside of Cranberry are available, call for pricing.