Our Dog Handlers

Jeffrey English, Owner, Trainer
Jeff has a gift with animals. He loves dogs and has been working with them his entire adult life. His first introduction to dogs was in the military, where his wife, Denise, was an animal care specialist. Jeff was still in school, but was absorbing and witnessing the experiences of the work done with the military working dogs and companion animals. Eventually he volunteered at the Aberdeen Proving Ground Veterinary Hospital, where he learned basic animal handling skills. Like so many animals lovers, Jeff and Denise were constantly rescuing, fostering and working with animals.

After school Jeff began dog sitting, personally traveling to the homes of dog owners and caring for them onsite while the owners were away on vacation or at work. During this time he became a little unsettled at the thought of just being able to spend a half hour with each dog, then putting them back in their crates or leaving them alone again for the rest of the day. It occurred to him that it is possible to create a better environment for the pet owner who prefers not to leave their dog in a kennel.

In 2003, Jeff started English Acres. His passion in life is to take care of dogs, giving them the love, attention, training and exercise that they deserve. He takes care of each and every dog as though they are members his own family.

Jeff is trained in dog grooming, maintenance and care of kennels, dog breeds, personalities and handling, anatomy of dogs, and use of kennel and grooming equipment. You can rest assured that your pet is in the most capable hands at English Acres.

Denise, Senior Trainer
Denise assists Jeff at English Acres as a senior dog trainer. She has been working in the pet care industry since 1991, having served in the Veterinary Core of the United States Army for almost nine years. While in the Armed forces she worked with military working dogs and companion animals. After being discharged with honors she started working at Petsmart as a dog trainer and worked with a local pet-sitter. Denise’s education includes Animal Care specialist training while in the Army, Correspondence course training for VA Laboratory Animal Technician & Technologist, Veterinary technician, and Animal Behavior and Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor.

Denise is currently working at the Pittsburgh Veterinarian Specialty and Emergency Center, and she continues her education in Zooonotic Diseases, Tick and Fleas, Heartworm Prevention, and Companion Animal Dentistry.

Denise is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She has taught one dog over 40 different behaviors, had her dog try out for a movie roll and been instructing classes for over nine years. She is a member of the AKC, US Rottweiler Club and American Rottweiler Club.